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I am a 20 years old producer from France. It's been more than 4 years since I started as a producer and as a DJ. Besides music, I also like cinema and arts. But producing is my main passion. I love to create music, and I hope that you'll like what you'll heard from me, either the songs that came out of my future productions. Have fun visiting this website !
Here you can found all my productions, and the download links. Another surprises coming soon ! And feel free to like my Facebook page, to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and to follow me on Soundcloud for constant updates !

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01/05 New : Social Interactivity in my website.. !

Until this day, I was wondering myself what was missing on this website. But I fixed this and from now on, you can comment all my tracks on the "Tracks" section of this website ! It's a great news because until this day, you couldn't comment anything on this website. So I have made this possible, and moreover there is a new page where you can tell me anything, click on "Contact" which is on the top menu, or here !
In the "Tracks" section I hesitated between making a comment section in the end of the page or in every tracks. I choose the later option but depending on the traffic, I'll change my mind, or not, later.
I hope you'll like this new social interactivity, more are coming (including : a Twitter account. Yeah, finally !)

23/04 It's been 1 year since I'm here.. even if my work lasts more than 1 year..

I am so glad to be still here after one year ! I remember my first video, "Hidden", but unfortunately this track wasn't the good one to start with ! But after one year, there are many tracks, many things I'm so proud of it.

Before telling you how I feel and everything else, let me tell you my producing story first :


23/04 A new remix and it's a trap one ! First time ever !!

This is the first time I have done a trap remix ! And I choose Blasterjaxx's "Echo" to do a remix trap. To be honest I was inspired by the trap remix of Blasterjaxx's "Mystica" which I prefer if I compare with the original one. This is my trap remix :

Youtube Link
Soundcloud Link

23/04 "The Surface" is finally released !

It was supposed to be released on november, after "Without You", and I'm sure that if I did that, I would get more views (thanks fucking and useless Google + !)
But finally I release this track on April Fools' Day, why not after all..

Youtube Link
Soundcloud Link

23/04 A new remix, it's been since a long time since I haven't made one...

In February there was a track I loved.. it was Patrick Miller's "Who's Gonna Know". Since I liked this track, I've decided to do a tribute by remixing it.. and I did
February 2nd, the release of my remix of this track.. more than 500 views, I was glad that for once I achieved to this number after having trouble getting to 100 views.. here are the links :

Youtube Link
Soundcloud Link

23/04 "Sixteen Roads"

Sixteen roads was a track I released on January 20th. It was supposed to be a hit like "Summer Love" was, but to be honest I am sad that it didn't.. still, 12 likes for 76 views, I'm sure it could have been better, but maybe one day it will.. all the links for this track are here : (Download not available)

Youtube Link

Soundcloud Link

23/04 Okay, it has been a long time...

Indeed, it has been a long time since I haven't updated my website. Well, I guess it's not too late for this, say hello again to my website !