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I am a 19 years old producer from France. It's been more than 3 years since I started as a producer and as a DJ. Besides music, I also like cinema and arts. But producing is my main passion. I love to create music, and I hope that you'll like what you'll heard from me, either the songs that came out of my future productions. Have fun visiting this website !
Here you can found all my productions, and the download links. Another surprises coming soon ! And feel free to like my Facebook page, to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and to follow me on Soundcloud for constant updates !

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31/12 New podcast : "Farkost Fusion" #001 | 2013 Year End Special ( + "Running" video if you've missed it)

Enjoy this one hour mix including my upcoming track "Sixteen Road", and the latest track so far : "Running". Including various artists and DJs
Don't forget to like / share / subscribe and happy new year 2014 ! (and not 2013 of course)

00:00 INTRO : Farkost - Megamix 2013
04:12 Tiesto - Take Me (Alex Balog Remix)
09:49 Rene Rodrigezz & Dipl.Inch - Only One (Klaas Video Edit)
15:04 Shaun Bate & MD Electro - Fire & Ice (Gordon & Doyle vs. Dirty Impact Remix)
20:04 Farkost - Running (Original Mix)
24:47 Ferry Corsten Ft Jenny Wahlstrom - Many Ways (Original Mix)
29:51 Afrojack feat. Spree Wilson - The Spark (Tiesto vs. Twoloud Remix)
34:22 Farkost - Sixteen Road (Original Mix) (Exclusive)
38:34 Global Deejays - Kids (Original Mix)
44:08 DVBBS & Borgeous - Tsunami (Blasterjaxx Remix)
49:38 Paris & Simo - Nova (Original Mix)
54:22 Amfree Ft Ziya - Let Go (Original Mix)

No Copyright Infringement Intended !! Except for the tracks aired in "Megamix 2013", "Running" and "Sixteen Road", I do not own these tracks.

Farkost's Fusion #001 | December 2013 | Year end special (New Electro & House Podcast)

21/12 About this website..

Recently I have a lot of things to do, like my podcast, new mixes but also family times (with Christmas for exemple) and studies, among others. Because of those, and also because according to the statistics, nobody checks out my website, I don't know why I have to update my website every 10 hours..
What I mean is that it may be possible (even very possible) that I may remove this website because I don't see any interest in keeping it : Nobody checks it, all my informations can be found on YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook (for the news) and Mixcloud for the podcasts.

Short version : One day, say goodbye to this website. Or at least in this form..

10/10 New Track Available !! "Without You"

After many days telling that I'll put my latest track here, I finally did !
This is my new original mix "Without You", I have been waiting for because I have made others tracks and didn't know which one to put first. But I finally decided to go with this one, and as you may understand, yes I've been working on another tracks, and they'll be coming.

Latest thing, there won't be any remixes any more, at least I don't feel like doing one more remix. I prefer original mixes, because it's my work, and not my work with another artist behind, with lost copyright for the background sound( yes, because it's been used for the remix)

Anyway, sorry for this long text, it's been a while since I didn't put anything recently. Thanks for the support guys, I've read all your comments since the day I created this account, and I really love reading all of your comments, you'll never know how much it's a pleasure :)
Enjoy the song, others are coming but right now this is the latest one, thanks for the support, really :)
One last thing : Don't forget to subscribe, comment, like !

13/09 Dash Berlin's "Believe In You" : The Most Relaxing Track so far !

Dash Berlin is a Dutch artist that I know since a long time, supported by Armada Music Records. And recently I've listened to a track he has made in the past, "Believe In You" featuring Sarah Howells. After the listening, I feel.. different, but in a good way. This may be awkward at first, but it's actually how I feel. While listening to the song, I feel like I was free, like I was living. This track brought me positive feelings during and after the listening, which is enough for posting a new thread.

Because nowadays, there isn't enough songs like this. Instead, we have pop music by Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and others, and even if I don't criticize these songs, because if they have success it's necessary for a reason, but they couldn't bring the feeling you may have while listening to this Dash Berlin's track. Still, it's from 2011 if I'm not wrong, but it's still an amazing track.

In my track "Still Alive" I've tried to make a track that bring to you a positive feeling, and some people told me that in the comments, that they felt positive after the listening. I was glad to read this !
I love making music because when I'm doing this, I have this positive feeling all along. And song by song I'm doing my best, and the proof is that it takes a month mostly, to upload a new track on YouTube. Which is normal after all

My next song is coming on YouTube, at first I was hesitating between two tracks but now I know exactly which one will be available next. The other one isn't finished yet.
Thanks for your support guys, I really appreciate it !

26/08 I'm Still Alive ! Proof with this brand new track

Tonight, a new song is coming on my YouTube Channel and on my Soundcloud account. After many work, I present to you my newest track so far : Still Alive. I decided to go with this title for a personal reason..

Anyway, the track is now available on all the platforms ! Check out the "My Tracks" section !

19/08 New website skin + New song coming..

As I said, I've decided to give to my website a new skin, so here it is. The purpose was to make the website navigation more easier than before, so as you can see the navigation bar at the right has disappeared. I hope you like this brand new website. More surprises are coming !

And in the meantime I announce to all of you that this week or the next one, they'll be a new track coming ! After the success of "Summer Love", another track is coming. Still Electro house, but this time it's a different approach than "Summer Love". Trying various combinations. But the final result will be stunning. I haven't found the final name for this track, but I'm working also on it.

And finally, about the download link for "Summer Love" it will come, I'm just questioning myself about which kind of download form will I choose for this track, I haven't figured out yet.. but I will ! In the meantime, you can listen to it on Youtube, Soundcloud and others ! The links are located to the "My Tracks" section. Stay tuned !
"Summer Love" is a copyrighted track, for the record.

01/08 New website skin coming ! Plus another surprises

In a couple of weeks, my official website will adopt a new skin, and to celebrate that, a new page will be opened ! Indeed, after "Artist Discoveries", the new page "Music Reviews" will be created ! This time, the purpose of this page is to comment the latest music videos releases, only electro ones ! The reviews won't be as long as the "Artist Reviews" (by the way, this will be the new name of the existing "Artist Discoveries")

In another topic, new tracks will be coming ! And they will be like "Summer love" : Relaxing and peaceful, of course it will still be house oriented ! In a couple of days I'll work on a new track, I have a idea of what I'll do on this one. Stay in touch and in the meantime, don't forget to like/share/comment my videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel and this website !

26/07 "Summer Love" : This is the new turn !

"Summer Love", a oriented house sound, is available on YouTube and Souncloud from today. To find the links, go to the "My Tracks" section.

Enjoy this track ! And don't forget to like/share/comment !

UPDATE 27/07 : This track is the most appreciated right now. Thanks for every positive comment everyone made on the video's comment section, I really loved those !

UPDATE 04/08 : The download link will be coming as soon as possible !

14/07 New Turn

Since my track "Chaos" didn't receive the returns I was excepting, the track is removed from all the platforms. The second EP "Outer Space" is reported to a new unknown date, with a better edit of Chaos ("Chaos 2K13") and the others tracks who were planned in this EP.

Indeed, the first version wasn't appreciated as much as I would think. Instead, there will be another track, which will be here in a couple of days. And I have read all your criticisms, except that the next tracks will take into account these criticisms. No EP for now, just tracks that'll be posted when they are good enough, and not when they sound shitty or weird. I'm done testing, now I understand what kind of music I'll make, so see you soon for the next track !

25/06 The "Apollo" Remix came out since yesterday !


Hardwell's track "Apollo" featuring Amba Sheperd has been the track I've been remixing lately. It is now available since yesterday (I couldn't update the website until now because there was some network problems) :

Hardwell - Apollo (Farkost Remix)

Because of some issues this song won't be available on Soundcloud. However, you'll be able to download it for free starting July 1st !
In others news, I'm working on a new EP collection, which will be coming in a few weeks. Stay in touch !

16/05 Do you know what is the Faster Speed ?

Yes, everyone like faster speed while driving a car. But here, I'm talking about my newest track which is available on YouTube ! You can listen to the song right here.
The download link will be soon available !

What is this song ? It's a techno track, not as long as my previous tracks (because this one's 4 minutes long) but it's still catchy ! Don't forget to follow me !

Edit : Download link (or just listening to the mp3) is now available through the Soundcloud link !

10/05 New Track : Dance Field !

My latest track, "Dance Field", is now available ! You can found it on SoundCloud, the YouTube link is not available yet.
A second track is coming in a few days, in the meantime don't forget to follow me on Soundcloud, to subscribe to my YouTube channel, to like/comment/share etc..

Edit : The YouTube link is finally available, here !
And yes, finally the song's title is "Dance Field" and not "Dance Breaker" like I said earlier..

05/05 New originals mixes coming soon

It's been a week since my last track "I've Learned". No, it's not over, I'm working on two new tracks that will be posted the following week. The first track which is called "Dance Breaker" is a house/club song, the second one is more electro but with a different style than usual. The name of the second track is "Faster Speed", it could give you an idea of how the song is going to be.. Stay tuned !

In the meantime, "Hidden", the first track I've put on YouTube, is available again on YouTube for everyone. It's quite a special song, I was tryin to make a different genre, but it was a risky bet..
UPDATE 25/06 : Finally Hidden isn't available anymore on YouTube, but still on Soundcloud

Don't forget to follow me on Soundcloud, to like my Facebook page for constant updates ! And of course I have a YouTube channel, you can subscribe to it.

28/04 New Track : I've Learned !

My third track has come ! "I've Learned" is available on Soundcloud, you can find it here on Soundcloud or here on Youtube. Don't hesitate to like and share !

22/04 "If I Lose Myself" remix finaly available !

My remix of OneRepublic's "If I Lose Myself" is finally available here and here. I hope you'll like this remix, don't hesitate to subscribe my YouTube channel, and follow me on Facebook and Soundcloud !

UPDATE 25/06 : The video on YouTube is being removed because, after many listening, I found that the remix wasn't finished. I had trouble remixing this song (because of its BPM : 140), and I've made my remix with the exact BPM of the original song. If I've made the remix with 128 BPM instead, I would have done it better. This being said, it is the latest remix I put on YouTube which isn't finished properly (Alesso have made a much better remix, but this is normal because he is a professional). When I'll made others remixes, it will be made professionally, and not in just 2 days. Until the "Apollo" remix, it was a test, but now I'm prepared so.. I won't lose myself !

19/04 Here comes the song "Cryin'" !

I present to you my first official track : Cryin' ! This song is supposed to be electro pop, where the piano makes the song sadder.
You can listen to the track on YouTube or Soundcloud, just click to the links you want to !

UPDATE 25/06 : "Cryin'" is not removed from YouTube, but only those who know the link to the video will have the possibility to watch it. It is still available on both platforms.

17/04 Brand new website !

Because everybody needs a website, here's mine. This is the official website, where I'll talk about all my progress, all the news about me and my music. feel free to visit this website !